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In addition to a full-house performance diagnostics, for example, Lactate diagnostics and cardiopulmonary exercise testing, we custom diagnostic setups specifically for the game sport with a focus on football and basketball. We service, among others a NBBL Team (IBAM). By connecting with our electronics development also new setups can be realized with specially developed instruments. The company owner has a sports science masters program (diagnostics and training, TUM) based on a sports science undergraduate studies completed and has various coaching licenses and certificates.

Football Support

Below you will find first information about our new Football Support Software for the evalu ation of position data in football from different sources in relation to the multi-stage evaluation of avail ability and other performance-determining factors using a SQL-like query language.

PDF Datenblatt

Football Support Software by Bartels


Our consulting quality is confirmed externally by a variety of awards and certificates.


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