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Bartels AutoEngineer® - Symbol and Part Libraries

2.1.7 Library MISC - Miscellaneous/Special

Bartels AutoEngineer® Symbol- und Bauteilbibliotheken
Contents ..................: Miscellaneous/Special
Design DataBase File ......: misc.ddb (228 KB; updated 06 December 2007)
Logical Library File ......: misc.def (60 KB; updated 06 December 2007)
ZIP File ..................: misc.zip (64 KB; updated 06 December 2007)
PDF File ..................: misc.pdf (169 KB; updated 06 December 2007)
SCM Sheets ................: 0
SCM Symbols ...............: 120
SCM Labels ................: 0
SCM Markers ...............: 4
Layouts ...................: 0
Layout Parts/Footprints ...: 0
Layout Padstacks ..........: 0
Layout Pads ...............: 0
Last Change ...............: 23/07/2007 14:31:31 [GMT]

Library MISC - SCM Symbols/Parts
Symbol / Part Description / Function Package Assignment(s) Manufacturer(s) Marker SCM Sheets(s)
using Symbol
75als176 - dil8 - pin   09/05/2006
75438ne - default dil16 - pin   09/05/2006
accu Accu default accu36 - pin   09/05/2006
am29cpl154 -
Type: AM29CPL154
dil28 Advanced Micro Devices pin   09/05/2006
am7202 -
Type: AM7202
plcc32 Advanced Micro Devices pin   09/05/2006
as124 2.5 GHz Microwave SP4T Switch
Type: AS124-61
lqfp32 Alpha Industries pin   09/05/2006
atmega163 CMOS Flash Microcontroller with A/D
Type: ATmega163
pqfp44s10 Atmel pin   09/05/2006
axialbat Battery default e12a122 - pinnt   09/05/2006
b3550 433.96MHz (300kHz BW) SAW Filter
Type: B3550
qcc8 Epcos pin   09/05/2006
b3560 433.92MHz (3MHz BW) SAW Filter
Type: B3560
qcc8 Epcos pin   09/05/2006
b3564 433.92MHz (3MHz BW) SAW Filter
Type: B3564
qcc8 Epcos pin   09/05/2006
b3571 868.6MHz (1.5MHz BW) SAW Filter
Type: B3571
qcc8 Epcos pin   09/05/2006
b3834 390MHz (20MHz BW) SAW Filter
Type: B3834
qcc8 Epcos pin   09/05/2006
b78334_er11 ER11 Transformer b78334_er11 Epcos pin   09/05/2006
baelogo - virtual -     09/05/2006
balun_we0805 Microwave SMT Balun
Type: WE-BALUN0805
balun_we0805 Wuerth Elektronik pin   18/08/2005
batt_ Battery nospec - pin   09/05/2006
cfps73 Crystal Oszillator (3.3V SMT) cfps73 C-MAC Frequency Products pin   20/07/2005
cfpt125 TCXO Crystal Oszillator (3.3V SMT) cfpt125 C-MAC Frequency Products pin   20/07/2005
cfpt9000 TCXO Crystal Oszillator cfpt9000 C-MAC Frequency Products pin   09/05/2006
cfpt9050 TCXO Crystal Oszillator cfpt9050 C-MAC Frequency Products pin   09/05/2006
cs5101 - plcc28 - pin   09/05/2006
dircoup_avx Microwave SMT Directional Coupler
Type: CP0805
cp0805 AVX Kyocera pin   09/05/2006
e50a10101 Active Delay Line
Type: E50A10101
dil14 ESAM pin   09/05/2006
etc1_1_13 Microwave SMT Balun 4.5..3000MHz
Type: ETC1-1-13
macom_sm22 Tyco MACOM pin   09/07/2007
fas236 - pqfp100 - pin   09/05/2006
ft232rl USB serial FIFO
Type: FT232RL
ssop28w FTDI pin   11/04/2007
ft245b USB parallel FIFO
Type: FT245BM
lqfp32 FTDI pin   09/05/2006
ft245rl USB parallel FIFO
Type: FT245RL
ssop28w FTDI pin   11/04/2007
ft2232c Dual USB UART/FIFO
Type: FT2232C
pqfp48s07 FTDI pin   01/05/2005
ft2232d Dual USB UART/FIFO
Type: FT2232D
pqfp48s07 FTDI pin   12/04/2007
g332 - pqfp100 - pin   09/05/2006
hmc189 2..4GHz GaAs Passive Frequency Doubler
Type: HMC189MS8
msop8 Hittite Semiconductor pin   09/05/2006
hmc221 DC-3GHz SPDT Switch
Type: HMC221E
tsot23_6 Hittite Semiconductor pin   10/03/2006
hmc224 5-6GHz T/R Switch
Type: HMC224MS8
msop8 Hittite Semiconductor pin   08/12/2004
hmc270 DC-8GHz non-ref. Switch
Type: HMC270MS8G
msop8fe Hittite Semiconductor pin   17/07/2007
hmc308 100mW GaAs 0.8..3.8GHz Amplifier
Type: HMC308
tsot23_6 Hittite Semiconductor pin   09/07/2007
hmc311 InGaP HBT DC..6GHz Amplifier
Type: HMC311LP3
qfn16lp3 Hittite Semiconductor pin   09/07/2007
hmc318 5..6GHz GaAs AGC LN Amplifier
Type: HMC318MS8G
msop8fe Hittite Semiconductor pin   08/12/2004
hmc320 5..6GHz GaAs Low Noise Amplifier
Type: HMC320MS8G
msop8fe Hittite Semiconductor pin   09/05/2006
hmc336 DC-6GHz non-ref. Switch
Type: HMC336MS8G
msop8fe Hittite Semiconductor pin   09/05/2006
hmc346 DC-8GHz 2-32dB Attenuator
Type: HMC346MS8G
msop8fe Hittite Semiconductor pin   09/05/2006
hmc408 5.1..5.9GHz 1W Power Amplifier
Type: HMC408LP3
qfn16lp3 Hittite Semiconductor pin   09/12/2004
hmc424 DC-8GHz 6 Bit Digital Attenuator
Type: HMC424
qfn16lp3 Hittite Semiconductor pin   16/07/2007
hmc427 DC-8GHz Transfer Switch
Type: HMC427LP3
qfn16lp3 Hittite Semiconductor pin   23/07/2007
hmc430 5.0-5.5GHz VCO with Buffer
Type: HMC430LP4
qfn24lp4 Hittite Semiconductor pin   22/10/2005
hmc431 5.5-6.1GHz VCO with Buffer
Type: HMC431LP4
qfn24lp4 Hittite Semiconductor pin   24/10/2005
hmc434 8GHz GaAs Divide-by-8
Type: HMC434
tsot23_6 Hittite Semiconductor pin   22/10/2005
hmc438 7GHz GaAs Divide-by-5
Type: HMC438MS8G
msop8fe Hittite Semiconductor pin   21/10/2005
hmc439 DC-6GHz non-ref. Switch
Type: HMC439QS16G
tssop16qs Hittite Semiconductor pin   22/10/2005
hmc466 6.1-6.7GHz VCO with Buffer
Type: HMC466LP4
qfn24lp4 Hittite Semiconductor pin   22/10/2005
hmc469 SiGe DC..5GHz Dual Amplifier
Type: HMC469MS8G
msop8fe Hittite Semiconductor pin   09/07/2007
hmc488 GaAs 4..7GHz Mixer with LO Amp.
Type: HMC488MS8G
msop8fe Hittite Semiconductor pin   09/05/2006
hmc495 3.8GHz SiGe Microwave I/Q Modulator
Type: HMC495LP3
qfn16lp3 Hittite Semiconductor pin   22/10/2005
hmc496 4..7GHz SiGe Microwave I/Q Modulator
Type: HMC496LP3
qfn16lp3 Hittite Semiconductor pin   19/10/2005
hmc497 4GHz SiGe Microwave I/Q Modulator
Type: HMC497LP4
qfn24lp4 Hittite Semiconductor pin   09/07/2007
hmc545 DC-3GHz SPDT Switch
Type: HMC545E
tsot23_6 Hittite Semiconductor pin   09/03/2006
hmc597 4GHz SiGe I/Q Deodulator
Type: HMC597LP4
qfn24lp4 Hittite Semiconductor pin   09/07/2007
hmc1053 3 Axis Magnetic Sensor
Type: HMC1053
hmc1053 Honeywell pin   28/01/2006
iam91563 0.8..6GHz Downconverting Mixer
Type: IAM-91563
sot363_6 Agilent pin   09/05/2006
iq1010 RDKS Active Antenna Controller
Type: IQ1010
mqfp100 IQ-mobil/AMS pin   09/05/2006
irf7422 FETKY MOSFET & Schottky Diode
Type: IRF7422D2
so8 International Rectifier pin   02/05/2005
irf7509 Dual HEXFET Power MOSFET
Type: IRF7509PbF
msop8 International Rectifier pin   28/01/2006
is1u60 38kHz integrated Infrared Receiver
Type: IS1U60
is1u60 Sharp Microelectronics pin   09/05/2006
is1460 Infrared Receiver
Type: IS1460
is1460 Sharp Microelectronics pin   09/05/2006
jtos3000 2.3 .. 3.0 GHz Microwave VCO
Type: JTOS-3000
sobk377 Mini-Circuits pin   09/05/2006
lan91c111 10/100MBit/s Non-PCI Ethernet Transcv.
Type: LAN91C111-NU
tqfp128s SMSC pin   10/06/2005
lhi954 Passive Infrarot Sensor
Type: LHI954
to5 Heimann pin   09/05/2006
lm35dz - default to92 - pin   09/05/2006
lpfilt_avx Microwave SMT Low Pass Filter
Type: LP0805A
cp0805 AVX Kyocera pin   09/05/2006
lpfilt_we1206 Microwave SMT Low Pass Filter
Type: WE-LPF1206
lpfilt_we1206 Wuerth Elektronik pin   09/05/2006
lrps_2_25 1.7-2.5 GHz Microwave Power Splitter
Type: LRPS-2-25
qqq130 Mini-Circuits pin   09/05/2006
lsp_ Loudspeaker nospec - pin   09/05/2006
mga83563 500MHz..6GHz Power Amplifier
Type: MGA-83563
sot363_6 Agilent pin   09/05/2006
pc9d10 - default dil8 - pin   09/05/2006
pc9d10x - default dil8 - pin   09/05/2006
presstrd Piezo Resistive Pressure Sensor presstrd Honeywell pin   09/05/2006
prs_fhg Capacitive Absolute Pressure Sensor
Type: IQ-Mobil IMS Sensor
dil8 IQ-Mobil / Fraunhofer IMS pin   09/05/2006
pulse_h5007 1000Base-T Ethernet Quad Transformer
Type: H5007
pulse_h5007 Pulse pin   06/02/2005
qoszil Quartz Oscillator qdil14 - pin   09/05/2006
quarz Quartz Crystal default quarz - terminal   09/05/2006
quarzg Quartz Crystal default xt04 - terminal   09/05/2006
r2701 433.92MHz 2-Port SAW Resonator
Type: R2701
qcc8 Epcos pin   09/05/2006
ra30h4047m 400..470MHz 30W RF Power Amplifier
Type: RA30H4047M
rfmod_mits_ra Mitsubishi pin   09/05/2006
rhombus_t15502 10/100MBit/s Ethernet Dual Transformer
Type: T-15502
rhombus_t1550x Rhombus Industries pin   09/05/2006
rk1l2 HF Relay
Type: RK1-L2
rk1l2 Matsushita pin   09/05/2006
sbox50x25 HF Screen Box 50 * 25 mm sbox50x25 -     09/05/2006
sbox50x50 HF Screen Box 50 * 50 mm sbox50x50 -     09/05/2006
sfa4port - virtual -     09/05/2006
si4133 Dual Band Synthesizer with integr. VCOs
Type: Si4133
ssop24 Silicon Laboratories pin   09/05/2006
si4136 2.4 GHz ISM Synth. with integr. VCOs
Type: Si4136
ssop24 Silicon Laboratories pin   09/05/2006
si4136_bm 2.4 GHz ISM Synthesizer w. integr. VCOs
Type: Si4136BM
mlp28 Silicon Laboratories pin   12/12/2004
si9200ey CAN Bus Driver and Receiver
Type: Si9200EY (PCA82C250T)
so8 Temic (Philips) pin   09/05/2006
si9241ey Single-Ended K-Line Bus Transceiver
Type: Si9241EY
so8 Temic pin   09/05/2006
sm3_2600 2.3 .. 3.4 GHz Microwave VCO
Type: RF2502
vco_smxpkg Wireless Radio pin   09/05/2006
spd1101 Sampling Phase Detector
Type: SPD1101-111
spd_111 Skyworks pin   22/10/2005
spd1102 Sampling Phase Detector
Type: SPD1102-111
spd_111 Skyworks pin   22/10/2005
spd1103 Sampling Phase Detector
Type: SPD1103-111
spd_111 Skyworks pin   22/10/2005
symproc Neural Network Symbol Processor
Type: Bartels SYMPROC
pga84 Bartels System pin   09/05/2006
tcxo_cmac TCXO Crystal Oszillator cmac_608 C-MAC Frequency Products pin   09/05/2006
tcxo_n2720 TCXO Crystal Oszillator 20MHz cmac_n2720 C-MAC Frequency Products pin   09/05/2006
text - text - textmarke   09/05/2006
txc06103 PHAST-3N STM-1 Interface SOH Controller
Type: TXC-06103
bga256 TranSwitch pin   09/05/2006
u2400b NC Accu Autoload
Type: U2400B
dil16 Telefunken pin   09/05/2006
u2795b 2.5-GHz-Mixer
Type: U2795B
so8 - pin   09/05/2006
u2891b 2.5 GHz Microwave I/Q Modulator
Type: U2891B
ssop24 Temic pin   09/05/2006
ucn5818af 32 Ch. High Voltage Source Power Driver
Type: UCN5818AF
dil40 Allegro pin   09/05/2006
udn2981 8 Channel High Voltage Source Power Drv.
Type: UDN2981A
dil18 Allegro pin   09/05/2006
uln2003 7 x Open Collector Driver
Type: ULN2003
so16, dil16 Allegro Microsystems pin   09/05/2006
uvc3130 Video AD/DA Converter
Type: UVC3130
default dil40 ITT Intermetall pin   09/05/2006
vcxo_cmac VCXO Crystal Oszillator qdil14 C-MAC Frequency Products pin   09/05/2006
wdcdc_5swr15s05 DC/DC Converter
Type: 5SWR1.5S05
wdcdc5swr15s05 - pin   09/05/2006
wdcdc_km55a DC/DC Converter
Type: KM DC 5\5-A
wdcdckm55a Kloeckner-Moeller pin   09/05/2006
wdcdc_ted2422 DC/DC Converter
Type: TED2422
wdcdcted2422 - pin   09/05/2006
xt01 Quartz Crystal default xt01 - pin   09/05/2006
xt02 Quartz Crystal default xt02 - pin   09/05/2006
xt_ Quartz Crystal nospec - pin   09/05/2006
xtal Quartz Crystal default xt04 - pin   09/05/2006
xtg Quartz Oscillator xtg4p - pin   09/05/2006
xtg_ Quartz Oscillator nospec - pin   09/05/2006

Library MISC - SCM Markers
Marker Last
pin 19/01/1993
pinnt 06/09/1990
terminal 09/04/1990
textmarke 28/11/1993
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Library MISC - Miscellaneous/Special
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