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Bartels AutoEngineer® - User Manual

Chapter 3
Packager / Backannotation

Bartels AutoEngineer® Dokumentation

This chapter describes how to use the Packager program module and the Backannotation function from the Schematic Editor for performing forward and backward annotation of net list data. The examples presented with this chapter introduce the basic concepts of net list data processing and annotation in the Bartels AutoEngineer in a logical sequence. The circuit design of the preceding chapter will be prepared for further processing in the subsequent chapters. The reader should work through this chapter without missing any sections to gain full understanding of Packager and Backannotation. Once a command has been used and/or explained, the operator is assumed to have understood its function and be able to perform it again. Subsequent instructions containing this command will be less verbose for easier reading and more speedy learning.



3.1.1Components and Features
3.2.1Starting the Packager
3.2.2Packager Main Menu
3.2.3Running the Packager
3.3.1Starting the Backannotation
3.3.2Running the Backannotation
3.4Net List Utilities
3.4.1Importing Logical Net Lists
3.4.2Importing Physical Net Lists
3.4.3Exporting Net List Data
3.4.4Net Attributes
3-1Design Flow Packager - Backannotation
3-2Part CD4081 Data Sheet with Loglib Definition
3-3Net Attribute Definitions

Bartels :: Bartels AutoEngineer :: BAE Documentation :: BAE User Manual :: Packager

Packager / Backannotation
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Packager / Backannotation - Deutsche Version Packager / Backannotation - English Version