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Bartels :: Bartels AutoEngineer :: BAE Documentation :: User Language Programmer's Guide :: System Functions
Bartels User Language - Programmer's Guide

Appendix C
System Functions

Bartels AutoEngineer® Dokumentation

This appendix describes the system functions included with the Bartels User Language, providing reference listings which are grouped according to the corresponding caller types. The system function descriptions are sorted in alphabetical order.



C.1Function Reference
C.1.1Standard System Functions (STD)
C.1.2Schematic Capture System Functions (CAP)
C.1.3Schematic Editor System Functions (SCM)
C.1.4Layout System Functions (LAY)
C.1.5Layout Editor System Functions (GED)
C.1.6Autorouter System Functions (AR)
C.1.7CAM Processor System Functions (CAM)
C.1.8CAM View System Functions (CV)
C.1.9IC Design System Functions (ICD)
C.1.10Chip Editor System Functions (CED)
C.2Standard System Functions
C.3SCM System Functions
C.3.1Schematic Data Access Functions
C.3.2Schematic Editor Functions
C.4PCB Design System Functions
C.4.1Layout Data Access Functions
C.4.2Layout Editor Functions
C.4.3Autorouter Functions
C.4.4CAM Processor Functions
C.4.5CAM View Functions
C.5IC Design System Functions
C.5.1IC Design Data Access Functions
C.5.2Chip Editor Functions

Bartels :: Bartels AutoEngineer :: BAE Documentation :: User Language Programmer's Guide :: System Functions

System Functions
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Systemfunktionen - Deutsche Version System Functions - English Version